RJP perfect spedition, s.r.o. requires its suppliers to comply with specific areas listed in the questionnaire.

The supplier shall indicate by ticking the appropriate box whether the internal procedures or regulations address the issues specified below.
The company does not request any specific data that could be commercially or otherwise damaging to the supplier.
These are areas that RJP perfect spedition, s.r.o. considers essential in the provision of its services and to improve them.
Tracking compliance with specific areas can also help identify parts of the questionnaire that may be unnecessary or overly complicated for respondents. Based on this feedback, the questionnaire can be optimised and simplified.
If we know that all respondents have been exposed to the same questions and specific areas of the questionnaire, we can better interpret the results and draw conclusions. This helps to ensure that our analyses are accurate and relevant.
Overall, tracking adherence to specific areas in a questionnaire is key to ensuring reliable and relevant data that is essential for effective decision-making, research and analysis.

01. Human rights and working conditions

02. Child labour and young workers

03. Wages and benefits

04. Working hours

05. Modern slavery

06. Freedom of association and collective bargaining

07. Women's Rights

08. Diversity, equity, and inclusion

09. Rights of minorities and indigenous peoples

10. Land, forest and water rights and forced eviction

11. Health and safety

12. Anti-corruption and anti-money laundering

13. Data protection and data security

14. Fair competition and anti-trust

15. Conflicts of interest

16. Counterfeit parts

17. Intellectual property

18. Export controls and economic sanctions

19. Whistleblowing and protection against retaliation

20. Air quality

21. Waste reduction

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By completing the questionnaire, which is located on RJP Perfect Spedition's website, the Supplier confirms that he perceives the areas specified in the questionnaire as essential and that by signing it he declares that they are fulfilled in accordance with the relevant standards, laws and other binding regulations.